Organic cotton knitted sweater



A place to revisit  

Bunge is located in the northern part of the island of Gotland. A quiet place, far from the busy world. A flat landscape with stone walls, beautiful farmsteads and green, rolling meadows. Interspersed with gnarled pines and low-growing junipers.


It is here that we met the family who once declared “We’re going to buy an airfield!”. Annki and Micke, both parachuters, first met at an airfield, of course. They jumped at the chance to buy Bunge airfield when it came up for sale. And now they are the owners of both an airfield and a youth hostel. They are quite the entrepreneurs, we have to say!


There is still a plane parked on the runway – an AN-2 that was built in Ukraine during the Soviet era. The airfield opened in 1938 and was used as a military base until 1991. After that it was used for women’s voluntary defence training.


Imagine airhostesses dressing this way – a cotton jacquard sweater with a star design in different colours.