Interview with Ingmari Lamy

What do you like about modelling for Gudrun?

I like everything about it. I like everything from the clothes and the brand to Gudrun herself, all the photographers, makeup artists and hair stylists. Everyone is always so giving.

Who is “The Gudrun Woman”? And what is a colourful woman to you?

It’s a woman who dares to stand out and who has a personal dress sense. There’s so much for a woman like that at Gudrun’s; all those gorgeous collections where you can pick out clothes to reflect your own personal style.

When did you start modelling for Gudrun? How long have you worked together?

Oh, I don’t know. Probably more than 15 years, and it’s just picked up more and more.

Do you have any favourite campaigns and photoshoots with Gudrun?

All the ones with a theme! The trip to Peru and Bolivia we went on for this year’s Winter Collection really stands out as a favourite. It was just such a wonderful trip, with a great team feel and really superb clothes. Plus, the photoshoot for the coming Christmas collection, which was inspired by Frida Kahlo.  

What are your ‘tricks of the trade’ for keeping your glow year after year?

I make time for the inner me before I head out into the world. It’s my inner joy. I look for the beautiful things in life and stay mindful. And I try not to compare myself with other people.

What kind of beauty rituals do you have?

When I wake up, I do body stretches. I drink water, shower or have a bath and rub my skin with a lavender-based organic oil. I also spray my face with water to keep it moisturised. At night, I cleanse carefully and always apply an organic oil and night cream.

You are also one of the Friends of Gudrun!

Yes, I always look forward to putting my own Gudrun outfits together and posting them on my instagram account @ingmarilamy.