Elevate your style with a waistcoat

Gudrun’s waistcoats are like little gems! Here, you’ll find everything from embroidered and patterned waistcoats to more understated, solid-colour creations. You could have one for every occasion or choose just one that fills your heart with joy every time you wear it. 

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Waistcoats are truly versatile pieces that you can wear no matter what season! Pair your favourite waistcoat with a dress, tunic, shirt or top to elevate your outfit to the next level. An embroidered waistcoat is a great choice for celebrations and special events and a simple, solid-colour waistcoat will carry you stylishly through everyday adventures. 

Let a knitted waistcoat keep you snug during the winter. As well as keeping you cosy, it adds a beautifully stylish layer to your ensemble. A quilted waistcoat can be the perfect outer layer worn over a warm, knitted sweater on autumn days before the temperature has dropped too much. When the seasons change and the weather warms up, you can wear a thinner cotton or linen waistcoat. Look for light colours like white, beige, pale blue and pistachio to add the ultimate finishing touch to your summer look.

Whatever you choose, waistcoats are real heroes of the wardrobe and add a dash of fun to any outfit.