Breezy linen creations in all their lustrous glory

Linen clothes have many positive properties! They are timeless, light and airy, with a beautiful drape and fine sheen. Our linen garments are uniquely designed and come in a choice of desirable colours and styles – browse at your leisure!

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Linen garments have a given place in the wardrobes of fabric lovers. The best thing about linen garments is that they can be mixed for endless variation. You can wear linen head to toe with a pair of linen trousers, a linen tunic and a linen shirt. Or opt for a clean silhouette and the appealing simplicity of a linen dress. If you’re looking for colourful or patterned linen clothes, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Our creations are often decorated with artistic designs of all sizes. In colours ranging from natural favourites such as beige, white and black to bold statement colours, like pink, orange and bright blue. 

What most of the linen clothes have in common is comfort. They feel light, airy and comfortable against the body. Since we don’t believe in making compromises when it comes to comfort, we gladly add comfort-enhancing features during the design process. For example, an elasticated waist in a pair of linen trousers for a comfortable fit. Our linen clothes should a pleasure for body and soul! 

What are linen clothes made of? Linen is a fabric woven from the fibres of the flax plant. It is considered a natural material as flax requires minimal use of fertilizers and irrigation, making it an eco-friendly crop. In addition, flax does not require pesticides as the crops are rarely attacked by pests. In other words, you can wear your linen clothes with pride! Other benefits of wearing linen clothes include their good breathability and comfort against the skin. Linen also has a lovely, vibrant surface that creates a visually appealing look – exactly in keeping with what we like!