Add colour to your home

Get inspired and create a colourful home that reflects who you are! Inspired by Nordic styles and crafted from high-quality natural materials, Gudrun designs unique and colourful soft furnishings for every room in the home.  

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Our homeware products are made of organic cotton, recycled glass, linen and other natural materials. We are exceptionally proud of this. Our home décor accessories and soft furnishings are colourful with sumptuous designs and floral motifs. We want you to find items that feel finely-crafted and unique. Homeware that can be matched with items from our other collections.

How do you style a home? It’s a good question without a simple answer. It comes down to style, feel and spatial requirements. The Internet is full of pictures of different décor styles that can provide inspiration. When you’ve formed an idea of the style you want, we suggest you focus on one room at a time. For instance, start by choosing the décor for your bedroom. You might be looking for soft rugs, curtains and bedding in a particular colour that brings a harmonious and relaxing mood to the room. Gudrun Sjödén’s homeware range has accessories and furnishings for the living room, kitchen, outdoor spaces – virtually every room in your home.

Are you looking for a rustic country look? Then a rustic linen tablecloth and matching placemats might fill the bill. Or why not start your own collection of hand-painted ceramics? Mugs, dishes, a small cream jug – they look so attractive on the table when guests come to visit and when you want more hygge in your home. A couple of embroidered cushions will add the finishing touch to the kitchen sofa – just as wonderfully rustic as we want it. 

There is no such thing as “too much” when it comes to styling your bathroom. Be generous with soft terry towels, green plants, beautiful ornaments and perhaps a colourful bathroom mat – they all help create a cosy spa feeling. Far more inviting than white tiles and hard floors. The bathroom is where we want to relax and wind down after long, busy days. So let’s be bold in our choice of materials and colours.