Gudrun's Good Deeds

Since 2006 we have been working on a project we call Gudrun’s Good Deeds. The initiative is based on us donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of selected items in our Christmas catalogue to organisations or projects that are close to Gudrun’s heart. In this way both we as a company and our customers can help to support a good deed – could it get any better?

These are the projects we have supported over the years:

Christmas 2022

For every product sold, we donate £2 to Dalarna Museum in Falun in Sweden. Dalarna Museum collects, curates, examines and exhibits artefacts, and presents stories and information about the cultural background and lives of the people of Dalarna through the ages. From ancient times to the present.
Our donation will be used to support the Museum’s work of renewing its permanent display of textile heritage exhibits.


Christmas 2021

Gudrun decided that the Christmas 2021 Good Deed for the year would be a grant to aspiring artists who are applying for or already studying art/design/crafts at college or university. Funding was raised for no fewer than 12 grants and, after careful consideration, Gudrun and her panel of judges have selected the applicants who will be receiving a grant for their artistic studies.

Here are the names of the well-deserving grant recipients:

Oilvia Schubert
Karolina Norlin
Helen Wordsworth
Nora Tysklind
Heidi Caswell Zander
Lovisa Axén
Georgina Charlotte Fisher Fegan,
Juliane Gunnerud Trengen
Heather Croft
Amae Grace Parige
Ilona Sahlgren
Natacha Wawrzyniak-Paris

We would like to say a tremendous thank you to everyone who helped make Gudrun’s Good Deed for Christmas 2021 such a success and we hope that it will spread creative joy and promote artistic accomplishments!

Autumn 2021
Gudrun’s wild woods

Gudrun decided to celebrate her eightieth birthday in the autumn of 2021 by starting a tree preservation and planting appeal. During the period 24 August to 31 October, Gudrun donated £2 from the sale of each “Forest” dress to a charity organisation that is committed to preventing the degradation of forests which are crucial to life on earth. We sold no fewer than 1,122 “Forest” dresses this autumn and would like to extend heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed. We are delighted to see that our efforts have made it possible for trees to be planted in India – a country very dear to Gudrun’s heart.


Christmas 2020

For every “Kranskulla” cardigan sold during Christmas 2020, we donated 50 kr to the Nordic Museum in Stockholm. First and foremost – many thanks to all of you who contributed to Gudrun’s Good Deed in 2020. During that Christmas period, you bought 2,835 “Kranskulla” cardigans and the entire proceeds went to the Nordic Museum. We are absolutely delighted that we raised so much. We can make a difference together!

The Nordic Museum foundation is extremely grateful for the donation that Gudrun Sjödén has made to us through the Gudrun’s Good Deed 2020 initiative.

“The Kranskulla cardigan is a contemporary garment that is embellished with flowers in lush foliage, and is complementary with the Nordic Museum’s collections as an example of how older items of clothing and designs can be sources of inspiration today.”

Aron Erstorp, Curator Team Leader at the Centre for costumes and fashion


Christmas 2019

This year, we're donating £ / € / $ 5 for every “Ide” bathrobe sold to a school in India.

First and foremost, we’d like to thank everyone who participated in our Christmas 2019 edition of Gudrun’s good deed! We sold a total of 1783 “Ide” bathrobes, the proceeds of which will be donated in full to the benefit of schoolchildren and teachers in India. We couldn’t be more thrilled about this result. Together, we can really make a difference!


Gudrun’s Lucky Days – 3 to 4 June 2019
Support a schooling project in Bagru

The area around Jaipur is steeped in artisan tradition. Many of the deft artisans in the region have lived and worked there for decades. They are highly skilled and experienced in the art of block printing. It was precisely for that reason that we chose to have our block-printed blouses “Maja” and “Amita” made there. In order to support the communities of artisans in the Jaipur area, we have decided to donate £2.50 for every Maja and Amita blouse sold over the course of two days to a schooling project in Bagru, a town near Jaipur.

Gudrun’s Lucky Week – April 16 to 22
Wildflower Meadows for Butterflies

The Butterfly House (“Fjärilshuset”) is a museum located in northern Stockholm’s Haga Park. One of the museum’s current projects aims at improving the habitats of indigenous butterflies and other pollinators by creating wildflower meadows that are left uncut. Landscaped gardens with neatly trimmed grass may offer pretty views but are far from ideal as butterfly habitats. Butterflies, instead, thrive in environments with plenty of colourful blooms full of nectar, a vital food source for butterflies.

The project plays an important part in the conservation of butterflies and other pollinators and promotes a stronger and healthier ecosystem. We think that’s terrific and have therefore decided to donate 2,5 £/€  and 3$/USD for every PAPILLON dress sold between April 16 and 22 to this worthwhile project.

This is what happened to our donation
Thanks to our donation, the Stockholm Butterfly House can now fill dedicated wildflower meadows with butterfly-friendly bloomers such as thyme, lavender, sage, lilac and lantana. Now we’re hoping that the area will be buzzing with bees, butterflies and other pollinators this summer.

Learn more about the Butterfly House »

Gudrun’s Lucky Days – 30-31 March
Ecopelag’s mussel farms

Ecopelag is a not-for-profit organisation devoted to improving the environmental condition of the Baltic Sea. Ecopelag is currently conducting a project to study whether mussel farming can help reduce eutrophication and improve the water quality of the Baltic Sea.

Mussels remove phosphorus, nitrogen and other nutrients from the water and thus act as a natural filter. A pilot study into the use of mussel farming as a means of cleaning the water has been under way since 2016 at several locations in the Baltic Sea. Ensuring the long-term, sustainable health of our oceans is essential for all life on earth. We will therefore be donating 50kr to the project for every Nice parka we sell on 30 and 31 March (93106).

What a donation! 
With your help, we collected SEK 12,800. Because the Baltic Sea is especially close to our hearts, we decided to round up the total. We can now announce that together, we’re donating fully SEK 25,000 to the association Ecopelag. This will serve as a wonderful contribution to their continued research and work with mussel farms in the Baltic Sea. Together we can make a difference!
Find out more about the project »

Gudrun’s Good Deed – Christmas 2018
– to benefit the AID BY TRADE FOUNDATION.

10% of the proceeds of the sale of every “Zebra” dress and “Tanzi” sweater will be donated to the Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF) – the umbrella organisation of Cotton made in Africa (CmiA). Africa is one of the largest cotton exporters in the world. African rural communities are crucially reliant on cotton, but are still struggling to make a living from it. The AbTF was founded in 2005 to support African smallholder cotton producers and their families in improving their economic living conditions. CmiA is promoting sustainable and eco-friendly agriculture through education and training. Today, their commitment is vital for millions of African farmers and their families. We wish to promote their excellent work through Gudrun’s Good Deed. This is why Gudrun’s Good Deed will benefit the Aid by Trade Foundation in 2018.

What a successful drive!
With your help, we were able to donate SEK 216,788 to Aid by Trade. This amazing donation will support their work with Cotton made in Africa, which improves living conditions for small-scale producers, farmers and their families on site. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated. Together we can make a difference.

Learn more about the Aid by Trade Foundation’s important work at

Gudrun’s Good Deed – Christmas 2017
– benefits THE NEST organisation

£10/$10/€10 from the proceeds of every “Kantha” hand-embroidered waistcoat and £5/$5/€5 from every bag sold will be donated to the Nest organisation in support of their mission to preserve diverse craft traditions and women’s empowerment around the globe.

We are now pleased to inform you that we jointly raised $15,802 for Nest. This is a great help in their mission to preserve diverse craft traditions and promote women’s empowerment around the globe. THREE CHEERS for this GREAT NEWS!

Founded in 2006, Nest is a nonprofit committed to creating a new economy founded on the development and preservation of skilled crafts. Nest puts women in focus and preserves cultural heritage through advocacy for craftspeople. The donation from Gudrun’s Good Deed will be made in support of the Nest project to preserve a 600-year-old silk weaving tradition in Varanasi, India.

Learn more at and @buildanest on Instagram.

Christmas 2016

This year, Gudruns Good Deed will be supporting The Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

£10/€12/$12 from the proceeds of each “Dia” kimono sold and £5/€6/$6 from the proceeds of each “Noche” & ”Dia” night dress sold will be donated in aid of the preservation of the world’s largest folk art collection at the Museum of International Folk Art, MOIFA. We are very proud to support MOIFAs worldwide unique collection with as much as 100 000 kr that we have raised together through Gudrun's Good Deeds. Thank you so much to all who helped us support MOIFA!

Read more about the Museum of International Folk Art’s mission, guidelines and amazing exhibitions

Christmas 2015

This year, Gudrun's Good Deed will be supporting the work that is being done to bring about change for vulnerable Roma and Rudari people in Romania, Bulgaria and here at home.

The organisations Heart to Heart and the Red Cross run a number of projects aimed at supporting and providing education, supplies, primary health care, youth projects, social counselling and children's activities. Their initiatives take the form of long-term development programmes and direct action. This year, Gudrun's Good Deed will be supporting their work. For every "Godnatt" nightgown that we sell, we will donate 50 kr to the vulnerable.

Christmas 2014
Else Traerup's project for women "Kologh Naba" in Burkina Faso

In 2014 the proceeds from Gudrun's Good Deeds supported Else Traerup's project for women "Kologh Naba" in Burkina Faso. Else has been working in West Africa for many years. In 2003, she founded an association with 65 women members whose objective is to improve their living conditions by making and selling products. They sew, weave and make soap which is sold in the capital city, Ouagadougou, and in some European countries. With your help, we raised the sum of 36 850 sek, every penny of which will go to support Traerup's project for women "Kologh Naba".

Gudrun's Lucky Day, 23rd September 2014
Médecins Sans Frontières

Médecins Sans Frontières is widely recognised for its untiring efforts to relieve the suffering of people in war and disaster-stricken areas. We donated 5% of our sales total from both our stores and online shop to Médecins Sans Frontières on Gudrun's Lucky Day on 23rd September 2014. I have learned that the best way to give gifts is to donate money to support the ongoing relief work of aid organisations in the world. An enormous thank-you to all the customers who made a purchase on Gudrun's Lucky Day in September! With your help, we raised the incredible sum of 117 000 kr, every penny of which will go to support Médecins Sans Frontières and the fantastic work that they do.

Autumn 2014
Ivory for elephants

For every "Elefant" sweater that we sold in the autumn of 2014, we donated 50 kr to the Ivory for Elephants organisation, which is dedicated to the preservation of the African elephant. With the help of you, our customers, we were able to donate an incredible 207 000 sek! An enormous thank-you to all of you who helped us to support this worthy project!

This year we have chosen two really exciting projects!

The first is enthusiast Laila Spik who is passionate about passing on her Sami heritage – not least through the well-attended courses she runs at the Sami centre in Saltoluokta. The other is Thirteen Grandmothers – an organisation that looks after and honours Mother Earth so as to be able to hand it on to future generations with love and care.

Hand in Hand!

Hand in Hand's mission is to fight poverty through education and helping people, mainly women, to set up their own companies A special self-help programme offers women education and training to provide them with the right tools to change their life situation in the long-term. After completing this training, women can obtain small loans from micro-loan banks to invest in their company. By training mainly poor women to set up their own companies, Hand in Hand has succeeded in creating more than 1 million jobs for poor people in India, Africa and Afghanistan. The cost of helping one woman to start a company is around £80, and to help a child from work to school £50.

Karin Larsson's textile collection at Sundborn

In 2011 the proceeds from Gudrun's Good Deeds supported a project to conserve Karin Larsson's clothing collection at the family home in Sundborn, Sweden. The project aims to spread awareness of Karin Larsson's textile art, increase interest in craftwork in general, and create more interest in one of Sweden's most famous homes along with the life work of Carl and Karin Larsson.

The Craft and Design School in Kutch, north-west India

This school plays an important role in helping to keep India’s textile traditions alive, as it teaches young people classic methods of embroidering and designing textile products – something which Gudrun is passionate about. Pupils at the school designed three products in the Christmas 2010 collection: a bag a belt and a tunic.

Dalarna’s Ornithological Society

Gudrun loves birds – which is something you can’t fail to notice in her designs. That’s why it felt completely natural to support a project to protect endangered birds. Dalarna’s Ornithological Society works actively to protect the biotopes along the Dalaälv River where the white-backed woodpecker lives.
The money is used primarily to purchase suitable forest land and build woodpecker aviaries for future release of young birds that have been bred by the Nordens Ark animal sanctuary.

Pascale Goldenberg’s embroidery project for women in Afghanistan

Pascale’s idea is to get women to embroider small squares with birds and flowers, which other women in the rest of the world can buy and sew into a bag or cushion. This is “Threads Connect Women” which has given women in war-torn Afghanistan the opportunity to help support their families. It was this initiative which also won Pascale the Gudrun Sjödén award of “The Most Colourful Woman of the Year” in 2008.

You can

The Swedish Aral Sea Society

The Swedish Aral Sea Society in Uppsala is a charitable organisation that works for democracy and development in the Aral Sea area. The society mainly focuses on spreading awareness of the environmental consequences of overexploiting cotton plantations around the Aral Sea. Together with Gudrun Sjödén, it has produced a scientific report on the environment and cotton growing.

You can find more information on the society and its work on:

A Click for the Forest

Founders of the website, Ann Rask and Jenny Strand, collect money via the internet to buy up old growth forests in Sweden. The aim is to buy forest land to protect threatened animal and plant species, as well as to back research, leisure activities and tourism for current and future generations. This is a project that Gudrun Sjödén supports wholeheartedly!