Here’s your chance to create your own Gudrun dress straight from one of our factories in India!* Choose from a variety of patterns and colours in the style and size that are perfect for you. The dress is then digitally printed according to your wishes. We use organic cotton voile which is an excellent year-round fabric in a Gudrun wardrobe!

How to create your own dress:
1. Choose which model you want on your dress.
2. Pick the Gudrun pattern and the colour you prefer. 
3. Choose the size you usually wear in your Gudrun clothes, and then place the dress in your shopping bag. 
4. Now you’re done! We hope you will love your custom made dress!
Estimated delivery is 4 - 8 weeks. Don’t hesitate to share a picture of you in your dress with #gudrun45 or #gudrunista.

*Only valid for online purchases through 15 November. Delivery 4 to 8 weeks after you’ve placed your order. 30-day money-back guarantee.