Red Linnea

Patterned pieces in natural fabrics.

“Flora” woven organic cotton dress »

1text_hk.pngin riotous reds and oranges.
穿上連身裙 »  /  配搭閨閣風長褲 »

“Linnea” wool/organic cotton coatigan »

Our jacquard-knit “Linnea” cardigan.

選購針織外套 »

Brimming with laid-back colours
“Flora” lyocell/elastane jersey skirt »

on soft lyocell jersey.
穿上上衣 »  /  探索短裙 »

“Dahlia” organic cotton kimono »

Take to the floor the Gudrun way. 

前往和服 »

Tone upon tone & layer upon layer
“Fauna” velour dress in organic cotton/recycled polyester »

向我展示連身裙 »

Knitted wool waistcoat »

of soft fabrics that make life that little bit more relaxed. 

探索背心 »  /  穿上褲子 »

The wild flower Linnea