We’re reaching to the starry skies in this joyous season collection. Our creations reimagine Asian silhouettes and include touches of blue in a mix of festive fabrics. Along with our beautiful Venus tunic and magnificent Cassiopeia cotton/silk dress, you’ll find Pegasus the horse on a longline wrap cardigan. Mix and match with super-soft, printed, modal jersey fabric.

Party pieces in feel-good fabrics

Wrap cardigan Pegasus


The working title for this collection was the Milky Way. I didn’t understand why. Until I googled it and realised it’s what our galaxy is called in English! The inspiration for the patterns that Pia created comes from our starry sky. After many days of taking photos against red Buddhist backdrops, we wanted to include the Hindu culture. So we went to Bhaktapur Durbar Square just outside Kathmandu.