您不知道的 10 個蜜蜂小知識

Bees perform dances to communicate with each other. Their dance moves tell other bees where to find a source of nectar and how far away it is.

飲食決定 which bees becomes queens. Larvae destined for queenhood are fed a sugar-rich substance known as royal jelly that ensures they grow larger and stronger than ordinary worker bees. Worker-bee larvae, on the other hand, feed on a mixture of nectar and pollen.

Bees are truly extraordinary beings! Besides a flower’s scent, they are also able to perceive its electric field. When a bee lands on a flower, the flower’s electric charge changes for about 100 seconds, which is just long enough to let other bees in the area know that the nectar from this flower has been collected.

All worker honeybees are female. They gather food, build hives and make up about 99% of a bee colony’s population.

Bees are sensitive to ultraviolet colours and patterns invisible to the human eye, so the flowers in your garden might look very different seen through a bee’s eyes!

Just imagine: without bees, we wouldn’t just lose a third of our food, we’d also be unable to grow cotton, one of our favourite natural fabrics here at Gudrun Sjödén.

Bees are inordinately industrious. In order to produce 500 grams of honey, a bee needs to visit two million flowers.

Bees flap their wings about 200 times per second, which generates the characteristic buzzing sound.


Early in their careers, worker bees are relegated to such menial tasks as cleaning cells in the hive. As they grow older, they move on to the more high-profile fieldwork of collecting nectar and pollen.

A queen bee can become up to 42% bigger than worker bees and lives 10 to 50 times longer, reaching an age of up to 4 years.