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Large roses printed on our fine linen fabric are truly a beautiful sight. A dress, a skirt and a big flouncy sun hat... or how about a wedding dress or a suit? Get imaginative with a few metres of this beautiful fabric.

Here you can see what Cecilia Wallman created with her scissors and thread.


Sew-a-wardrobe2 .jpg闊身長裙—

All you need are two rectangular pieces of fabric: the skirt and the waistband.

1. The waistband length is your waist measurement + five centimetres (for the button overlap) + 2 cm seam allowance (1 cm each side). The waistband depth will be twice the depth of the finished band + 2 cm seam allowance. You can make the skirt as long or short as you like with as much volume as you fancy or your wallet allows. We recommend at least twice the waist measurement so it’s not too tight. Your skirt will have more volume and more gathers at the waist the wider you make it. Choose the length you want and add about 10 cm for the hem. A deep hem gives the skirt a bit of weight!

2. Begin by folding the waistband lengthwise. Sew up the ends and also 5 cm along the long side. Trim along the seam allowance and zig-zag stitch it. 
The waistband will sit around your waist when the skirt is finished. The skirt will be sewn onto the seam allowance along the whole waistband, except for the overlapping button flap.

3. Tack the top edge of the skirt by hand and pull it into gathers to the same length as your waist measurement. Even out the gathers as you want them and place it on the waistband. Pin the waistband to the right side of the gathered skirt and straight stitch them together. Let 1 cm of seam allowance from the edge of the skirt overlap the button flap at the waist. This centimetre edge will later be pushed inside the opening so you can pull the skirt on and off over your bottom.

4. Pin together and back stitch using a sewing machine, leaving a 15 cm gap.
Push the seam and allowance inside the opening. Secure the seam allowance in the opening using straight stitch or small hand stitches from the inside if you prefer it not to be visible.

5. Choose hooks and eyes or press-studs for fastening.

6. Turn up the hem by pressing and pinning it. Then blind stitch it by hand or machine or simply use a straight stitch.


Sew-a-wardrobe3 .jpg夏日誘人太陽帽

1. You need 2 pattern pieces, one for the brim and one for the cap.

2. The pieces for the brim are placed on two layers of fabric, 4 pieces.

3. The cap, 6 pieces.

4. Start by drawing around the pieces, remembering to leave seam allowance on all sides. Cut around the shapes and pin the pieces together, tack the cap sections together, try it on and adjust it to fit your head. Machine stitch the pieces together. Zig-zag stitch along all edges inside the cap and around the bottom edge.

5. Make the brim as wide as you want. Stitch together and press the seam open, turn inside out. Pin the brim to the cap and sew them together. Top stitching one or more rows around the brim will give it extra firmness. 

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