As ever, the season is divided into groups of unique garments and our more basic essentials. The idea is to allow you and everyone else to find something to suit your own personality and taste! 

Our unique collections offer everything from digitally printed patterns to lavish embroidery and exquisite hand-crafted details. You’ll find simple and subtle styles, and bolder statement pieces too. Magnificent organic clothing steeped in stories and heritage. Clothes to wear with pride, whether you’re a bright peacock or a shy, retiring violet.

Our essentials feature classic woven fabrics, green jersey and our amazing knits – all you need to complement your wardrobe. Take your pick of the finest in natural materials such as organic cotton, silk, wool and organic linen. The styles are simple and wearable, but never run-of-the-mill. That little Gudrun twist is ever-present in the unique colourways, sensational patterning and unexpected details. 

All colourfully packaged with inspiration from and respect for the wonder that is our Mother Earth. 



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