We enjoy combining blue with green, red with purple, black with ecru – the possibilities are endless...

4 – 美麗如約瑟芬 
is wearing a stylish tone-on-tone combo of a jersey dress and a plum-purple button-through dress with a red pattern.
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5 – 開朗如西蒙娜
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6 – 高挑如艾麗卡
Erica stays cool and comfortable in shades of blue and green.
Here, she’s pictured donning our generously cut “Vanja” top in blue, and our billowing “Pytte” skirt in green, crafted from jersey and modal, respectively.

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7 – 迷人活潑如洛娃
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8 – 睿智如安妮
Annie is Gudrun Sjödén’s deputy CEO. Her job has her doing a million and one things, and she’s brilliant at it. Annie’s favourite colour is orange, but black is fine too – it provides a sense of gravitas when necessary.
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9 – 最佳產品目錄相片
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11 – 陽光如西蒙娜
Layering is referred to as “Lagenlook” in Germany and the US. There, the search term results in lots of hits for the Gudrun brand.
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12 – 艾麗卡是 gudrunsjoden.com 的實習生
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“Happy feet!! ♥  
Thanks for the socks! From the nursing home LiveWell in Plantsville, Connecticut, US.” 

In June, Gudrun donated thousands of socks to care homes and hospitals around the world.
Thank you to all customers who sent in suggestions of where we might send them!