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East meets West – that rings especially true in Hong Kong, where modernity meets ancient Far Eastern tradition. I was fortunate enough to encounter this wonderful fusion up close during my many years of manufacturing clothes in Hong Kong and China. As a designer, I travelled to Hong Kong as early as the late 1970s. I loved the fast pace and bustling unfamiliarity of this large, lively metropolis.

Having my designs manufactured in Hong Kong was an exciting and enriching experience. There were all sorts of possibilities here, from printing patterns on lovely fabrics to producing delicate sweaters and masterful embroideries. I was also impressed by the skills and reliability of my local manufacturing partners. My first Chinese contact in SAN PO KONG was called David and we really enjoyed working together.


My company has worked with mail orders since 1976, enabling me to sell my designs to customers all over the world. Launching our first web shop already in 1997 was an especially far-reaching change in that department. Joining Facebook in 2009 made it so much easier to communicate with you, my customers, directly (Find us on Facebook! Just look for Gudrun Sjoden Hongkong). Being able to talk to customers all around the world is very exciting and a great source of feedback on the products and designs. I have been inspired by Asia since the very first time that my husband and I travelled to Tokyo in 1971. To this day, I serve as CEO of my company and work as a designer. In the meantime, my company has become a global enterprise with stores in places like London, New York and Berlin.

Now we’ve started selling my collections in Hong Kong, China and all over Asia. There are a few Tokyo and Hong Kong women among my customers already, and some customers hail from as far away as Melbourne, Australia, and New Delhi, India. I also know that a good many of my U.S. customers are Asian Americans. So welcome to Gudrun's Universe!

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