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Online exclusive 
– Unique “Geometri” sweater

Our “Geometri” sweater has been produced with the environment in mind using yarn remnants. This online exclusive is available in limited quantities only. So it’s first come first served! 

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Today we’re unveiling my latest creation, “Geometri” sweater, knitted with yarn remnants at the little factory in the south of China. I filled my sketch pads with lots of new creations during spare moments at the hotel and cafés on our autumn trip. I love working on collections when we’re out travelling. I especially enjoy visiting our manufacturers as it gives me a better idea of what’s technically possible and what can be created using dyes, designs, yarns and fabrics.

This has been my life for more than 50 years – it seems incredible!




The sweater is being shipped by sea from Hong Kong right now and will be sent to you by 20 March.

Visiting Dongguan, China
You can see me and my colleagues here outside the factory in Dongguan: Ming, Carina, Annie, Gudrun and John.  John has been knitting cardigans and sweaters for us for more than 20 years – a faithful old friend, no less.