Exquisite details for the finishing touch

No look is complete without unique accents. Spice up your outfit with a patterned shawl, a pair of colorful tights or a handcrafted piece of jewelry. You’ll find accessories for all your Gudrun looks here!

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Gudrun’s accessories go with everything! How about bedazzling your legs with a pair of leggings or colorful tights? And if you’re looking for tights that won’t tear – take an extra look at ours! Our recycled nylon tights tend to last longer than regular nylon tights. We also have thick tights to wear in winter, maybe paired with a knit dress, tunic or skirt. If you prefer bigger sizes, we also have plus-size tights – all the way to XXL in some styles. 

Gudrun Sjödén’s shawls for women come in a stunning array of styles. They are specially made to mix and match with all of your Gudrun garments from current and past collections. Choose a warm wool shawl to wear with your winter coat, a spectacular silk shawl to pair with a party dress, or a go-to cotton shawl for everyday casual style. Explore your options in Gudrun’s gorgeous collection of shawls!

If you want to add a special finish to your look, we have unique jewelry in sustainable materials and beautiful colors. In our commitment to preserving ancient handicraft traditions, we often produce handcrafted jewelry. It’s how we infuse our accessories with heart and soul, making them a lovely detail to wear with pride.

Our purses are both a fun accessory and a practical companion. Small bags, big bags, zippered bags and phone bags – every option brings versatility and unique style. Whether you’re searching for a tote for the office or an evening bag to match your dress, we’ve got what you need.