Decorate with color

Find inspiration and create a colorful home filled with personality! With a Nordic design sensibility, Gudrun creates unique and colorful home textiles in beautiful natural materials for every room in your home.  

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Our homeware products are made in materials such as organic cotton, recycled glass and linen. And we’re incredibly proud of that. Explore interior decor splashed with color, luscious patterns and floral details. The goal is for you to find something that feels unique and expertly made, and to mix and match homeware from different collections.

How do you decorate your home? That’s a great question without a clear answer. It’s all about style, feel and your particular space. One idea for seeking out inspiration could be to check out different design styles online. Once you have a sense of your preferred style, we suggest focusing on one room at a time. For example, start by shopping for interior decor for your bedroom. Maybe a soft rug, curtains and bedding in a harmonious and relaxing color. Gudrun Sjödén’s range includes interior decor for the living room, kitchen, patio – for every room in your home!

Maybe you’re looking to bring a touch of the countryside into your home? In that case, a rustic linen tablecloth and matching place mats might be just the ticket. Or why not start building your own collection of hand-painted ceramics? Mugs, plates, a little pitcher for cream – all lovely to bring out when you have guests for coffee, or when you simply want to enjoy an extra nice coffee break on your own. For the finishing touch, try a few embroidered pillows on the kitchen nook bench – and just like that, you’ve created a lovely, rustic style. 

When it comes to decorating your bathroom there’s no such thing as “too much.” Go wild with soft terry, greenery, beautiful decorations  and maybe a colorful bathmat – all to create a cozy, spa-like feel without having to rely on white tiles and hard floors. The bathroom is a space for relaxation and recovery after long, activity-filled days, so we think it’s the perfect place to get extra creative when choosing materials and colors.