Unique skirts for any occasion

Set your style in motion with a skirt! Choose between patterned and solid-colored skirts and slips in lots of different styles and hues. All uniquely designed in nature’s own materials, for special and everyday occasions. 

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Whether you’re looking for a skirt for a wedding, New Year’s Eve, or to wear to the office, we’ve got the style for you! For fancier occasions, pick a patterned skirt or a longer style in a luxurious material, like silk or velour. For the office, a midi length in a soft color is a safe bet. A woven skirt in an airy material is ideal for a pretty weekday look with boho flair.

What will you pair your skirt with? We have to say: we love to wear clothes in a set! In other words, try a jacket and skirt or sweater and skirt in the same color or pattern. The finished look is stylish and elegant – and works in just about any setting. In summer, pair your skirt with a tank top or T-shirt, and in winter, complete the look with a knit cardigan and a warm pair of tights. A layered look is another hot tip for cool days! Start with a slip edged with lace, add a dress and top it all off with a knit cardigan and elegant coat – you’re ready to take on the world!

A question that comes up a lot is what shoes to wear with a skirt. There are no rules set in stone here, but we do have a few tips to keep in mind. If you opt for a longer, wider skirt, a pair of sleek sneakers or ballerina flats can be a nice complement. This way, your shoes add an accent without stealing the show. Shorter and slimmer-fitting skirts often pair well with sturdier shoes with a higher silhouette, like boots. The shoes and skirt will balance each other out nicely, creating a stylish look.

Whichever tips you take, we’re certain your legs will thank you for a freer and breezier life in your new skirt – hooray for happy legs!