Solid-colored: 94% cotton/6% polyester. The cotton is certified organic. Striped: 99% cotton/1% polyester. 86% of the cotton is certified recycled and 14% is certified organic. The recycled cotton is composed of textile production scraps that have been sorted by color and spun into new fibers. By using recycled materials, we reduce our environmental impact. A portion of the yarn is a nubby yarn with characteristic, colorful little tufts of wool. The dyeing process is certified to be environmentally friendly. Machine wash warm, delicate cycle. Gently reshape while damp. Dry flat. Store flat. Shrinkage 4-5%. Made in Petrich, Bulgaria.

Gudrun’s Good Fibres


These products are made entirely or partly from materials grown and developed from a sustainable perspective. The fibers and materials we classify as good environmental choices are organically grown or recycled fibers, naturally retted flax, Tencel® lyocell, Lenzing Modal®, silk, alpaca, vegetable-tanned leather, as well as wood and rubber. We set transparency requirements and check certificates.

Gudrun’s Good Production


The product has been produced completely or largely in controlled factories that use the best possible processes for health and the environment. We set high standards to ensure that all leading processes in production are certified, in some cases all the way to the sewing factory.

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