Comfy pants that will have you up and dancing

Wide-leg pants, culottes, linen pants, jersey pants, puff pants – the possibilities are endless. The key is to choose a style that reflects your unique personality! 

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Which pants are right for me? The answer to that question depends on who is asking. If you’re looking for pants to flatter shorter legs, we recommend a high-waisted option. This clever approach tricks the eye into adding an inch or two of extra length. Pants with really long legs can have the same effect! Are you expecting a baby, or do you know someone who is? You might be on the hunt for maternity pants. Thanks to the fact that so many of our styles are nice and spacious, with a comfy elastic waist, they can often fit a pregnant belly easily! Just read the fit description carefully and size up a little to be on the safe side.

Do you like to exercise? Puff pants, or yoga pants, are one of our favorite styles – we return to them regularly. We’re constantly revisiting this garment when styling our models for photo shoots. They’re versatile and super comfy, all at once!

In summer or on vacation in a sunny climate, cool pants are the perfect choice. You might pick a pair in linen, or another airy material. In winter, slightly heavier corduroy or velour pants are a perfectly practical and stylish pick. Or you might go for our beloved layered look: pair a tunic or sweater with matching pants and top it off with a warm cardigan.

Our situations may be different, but one thing is for sure: we never compromise on comfort! Comfy pants are essential and that’s always our priority in the design process. That’s clear in everything from the materials we choose to the design of the pants themselves. Life should be good!