In my book, MY PORTFOLIO, I’m referred to as the watercolor-painting entrepreneur. And I think that’s quite fitting, because I’m constantly engaging both sides of my brain – the creative and colorful side in concert with the mathematical, numbers-oriented side. I love getting to paint patterns or flowers or design a collection, and then getting to focus on the business side of my company – it keeps things interesting and it is so much fun!

The biggest reward is getting to meet and talk to all of you customers. What a joy it is to hear a happy, grateful customer who found her own style – the Gudrun style – declare: “Your colors and patterns have changed my life.” It could be while chatting with an American in the store on Greene Street in New York, or the German woman I met at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, or the people who cheer me on on Bastugatan street in Södermalm, Stockholm.

As you can see in the pictures here in the Anniversary Catalog, I’ve created a collection featuring a selection of my most popular patterns and colors. You’ll find roses, dots, and chevrons, in colors like black and white, pink and red, and indigo blue. Warm red paired with natural brown and gray is another palette I use now and then, especially when we use real vegetable dyes..

It’s hard to believe I’ve had my own brand and my own collections for 45 years now – incredible! But the years just keep rolling, with so many collections and catalogs – at least six a year. All in all, that’s around 300 collections over all these years! But the latest collection is always the most BEAUTIFUL!