“Cactus” ceramic mug powder pink
“Cactus” ceramic mug powder pink
“Cactus” ceramic mug powder pink
“Cactus” ceramic mug natural
“Cactus” ceramic mug natural

“Cactus” ceramic mug

It’s hard to be anything but happy when holding our magnificent mug with cute cactuses, charmingly splashed with bold colors.

94906 3.5 x 3.5"
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Hand-painted ceramics. Dishwasher and microwave-safe. Made in China.

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Cactuses, plants and birds mingle wildly together in a glorious eruption of color and shape. Small-patterned in their details, and large-patterned as a whole. The “Cactus” pattern has a healthy dose of playfulness and self-confidence, designed after a perfect week of vacation on the island of Mallorca. Fabulous cactuses, with their majestic, rotund shapes and fascinating prickles leave a strong impression on your eyes, and are a joy to render artistically! And to be sure, they are wonderful and not even a little bit prickly, printed on a sturdy cotton fabric that is suitable for essentially all home textiles. Choose from our lovely cushion covers, seat cushions, kitchen towels or tablecloths. Sew your personally designed cactus products from our yard goods – how fabulous! Our delightful ceramics, including cups and bowls, come in the patterns “Agave” and ”Cactus.” The tried-and-true models have become a natural part of our homeware assortment. They are always equally fun and exciting to design and develop. And our new kitchen favorites turned out beautifully.