“Kolibri” seat cushion in wool/cotton indigo
“Kolibri” seat cushion in wool/cotton putty
“Kolibri” seat cushion in wool/cotton putty

“Kolibri” seat cushion in wool/cotton

Our “Kolibri” seat cushion is fully embroidered on one side and gently padded with quilt stitching on the back. Easy to bring with you and place anywhere you wish to sit, maybe on a rock by the sea or your favorite spot in the garden.

Price: $39
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One Size
80% wool/20% cotton. Embroidery in wool on woven cotton. Dry clean. Cool iron. Made in India

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We like mixing figure-fit with more generously cut fashion. That's why we have four different types of tailoring. You'll find information on the different types of fit in the detailed descriptions of each item. The choice of material also influences the amount of movement allowed by a garment. Knits and jersey-knits have more give in them than woven, less stretchy materials. That's why our weaves are often more generously tailored. For you to be as happy as possible with your purchases, we recommend that you spend a few moments taking your measurements and comparing them with our size chart.

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SWEATER/JACKET -1½ -1   +1 +1½ +1½



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CM 23,5 23,8 24,5 25,1 25,4 25,7 26

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India is filled with talented craftspeople who never cease to amaze. It is with great pride and admiration that we’ve gotten to work with craftspeople who have printed our fabrics entirely by hand with skillfully carved woodblocks. Indigo is the blue hue with a tradition reaching far back into history. We still dress ourselves and our homes in indigo, thanks to its beautiful shade and deep tone. Naturally, in the spring collection we’re combining it with our very own patterns and expressions. Our beautiful fabric piece “Titli,” which means butterfly in Hindi, is the ultimate piece of fabric for interior decor, with enormous versatility. The cozy “Titli” and “Kolibri” cushion covers create an elegantly cohesive look with the soft organic fabrics. Embroidery is another handicraft with a long tradition, and of course we want to work with it, too. Our round, utterly captivating “Kolibri” rug and the comfy seat cushions in the same fabric have fully embroidered surfaces in wool yarn, which gives the colors additional sheen. And did you know, our round boxes are covered with recycled handmade paper printed with birds and butterflies in the “Kolibri” pattern – perfect for storing your keepsakes and memories.