What do you think of my interpretation of Santa Fe?
I just love these vibrant colors!

My dining room has a cupboard – filled with tableware and textiles.

1. Tray  /  2. Tea mug  /  3. Kitchen towel  / 4. Kitchen towel /  5. Table runner /  6. Place mat  /  7. Ceramic bowl /  8. Cream jug  /  9. Ceramic mug  /  10. Ceramic mug

Block stripes, triangles and tiny dots

Everything we love on a single surface. 
Take home the “Santa Fe” tablecloth »

Brilliant tablecloth

with a block-printed pattern. 
To the “Paloma” tablecloth »

COLORFUL ‘Kelim’ rug 

Woven in a new technique with distinctive patterns in pure wool. This rug has transformed my dining room to a home in Santa Fe.

To the wool rug »


Multicolored stripes

Fill the kitchen with magnificent colors! 
To the “Santa Fe” kitchen towel »


Wild and wonderful stripes

Decorate the table with bold patterns.
Treat yourself to the “Santa Fe” tablecloth »

My rooms are all painted with egg oil tempera that I mix myself. But you can also buy premade tempera emulsion from art supply shops. Blend in powder pigments or acrylic paint in a tube.

It’s up to you

Three different patterns and colorways – choose a match for your bathroom.
To the “Solig” bathroom mat »

Spread smiles with a colorful kitchen towel.

Take home yours »

A true gem

Where will it go in your home? 
Buy the “Santa Fe” hallway runner »



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