”No trace of Russia in PARIS” … was the theme of my series in the fall collection. I searched Paris for something Russian, certain I would find something. But NOPE – nothing! What I did see in Paris were plenty of wide, floral dresses in drapey materials, often in subdued shades of red. All of them were ankle length. I saw low-heeled shoes, which I like, and the occasional long, sweeping coat. That’s what my search revealed, and I’ve created my own interpretations..

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Delightful Jacquard cardigan

Which color will be your favorite?
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Exquisite embroidery 

on sumptuous rayon crepe.
To the “Kelim” blouse »

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Weekday-ready and party-perfect in gorgeous crepe.
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Gudrun loves
the YELLOW palette!

Fall artist’s blouse 

with little puff sleeves – Gudrun’s any-day favorite!
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Wool coat in two lengths

with a high collar and embroidered pattern.
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Our popular fall coat comes in two lengths, both with the same fabulous look and magical appeal.
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Alice in Wonderland – in Parisian red

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