Patterned knit, woven and jersey pieces.


Lots of pieces to pick, choose, mix and match.
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2text_us.gifon understated black.
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Creative combinations

Two favorite materials in a single piece.
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4text_us.gifWhy not a lemon-covered linen blouse?
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Our fully buttoned sleeveless dress. 
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Layers and layers

We’re mixing and matching to our heart’s content. 
“Rudbeckia” cardigan »
“Rudbeckia” tunic »
“Yuzu” blouse »

Indigo blue

with hints of heather pink – just gorgeous! 
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8text_us.gifon organic and recycled cotton. 
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Popular artist’s blouse

patterned with marvelous melons. 
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Anything is possible

in an enchanted world. 
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Aqua green, warm red and indigo.
“Melon” artist’s blouse »

in lush patterns.
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