Add color to your table with the colorful flowers and twinkling stars of the “Margrethe” pattern.
Table runner »   Candle holder »   Bowls »

Colourful details

The little things that make a big difference.
Ceramic mug »   Hand-painted ornament »   “Margrethe” kitchen towel »

“Crackers” & “Marzipan”

Pair holiday treats with cloth napkins and napkin rings adorned with patterns that are printed and painted by hand.
“Crackers” napkins »   “Marzipan” napkin ring »

Time for a celebration

We’ve got just what you need for cozy holiday activities.
“Ingrid” kitchen towel »   “Margrethe” table runner »   “Margrethe” yard goods »

Marvelous decorations

Add some color to the tree.
Holiday ornament »   Small holiday ornament »