Okarina & Indra
Okarina & Indra
Placement ”Indra” in organic cotton

Nature’s own colours

We’ve dressed the table with a marigold dyed placemat.
Block-printed placemat »

Tones from the clay whistle

Tones from the clay whistle

and charming designs in a luxuriant colour scheme.
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Table runner »     Tea towel »



Textiles and ceramics with an authentic handmade feel.

Tablecloth ”Indra” in organic cotton
Tablecloth ”Indra” in organic cotton

Block print & mud resist

Beautiful irregularities in the tablecloth reveal the touch of the hand.
Tablecloth Indra »

Pillow case ”Indra” in organic cotton

Traditional craftsmanship

Exquisite Indra hand-embroidered and block-printed cushion.​
View the cushion »

Mug “Indra” in stoneware

Dots and flowers

add pizzazz to any room.
Hand-painted mug »

Doormat ”Okarina” in coconut:

Add colour to your home

with a charming rustic-style coir doormat.
Doormat Okarina »



Pair the mug with the strainer.
Tea mug »     Tea strainer »

Curtain ”Okarina” in linen

Sheer curtains

with touches of colour in plant-dyed tones on fine linen.
View the curtains »

Runner ”Okarina” in linen

An unusual bird sets the tone

Decorated Okarina with a cheerful clay whistle bird.

Give your home a fresh look

with beautiful blue colours and soft natural fabrics.
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Seat pad »     Mat »