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Patterned clothes in natural fabrics

Geometric contours
The colour inspiration comes from Brooklyn Bridge, which is painted a neutral beige, although some contend it was originally red. And from the blue water of the East River.  



Blooms of red and blue
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Wool coatigan

The pattern on the Brooklyn coatigan is inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge’s mesmerising criss-cross of steel cables.
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Elegantly casual
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Soft contours 
fuse with sharp, graphic lines.

The borough of Brooklyn 
has undergone a transformation from an industrial area to a more hip neighbourhood with design, technology and green spaces.

Heading through the city

Functional for urban excursions.
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Domino park

Part of the city park is situated beneath the bridge and it continues along the East River waterfront.



Brooklyn Bridge has interesting architectural features with wires and bolts creating geometric patterns. A section of the park is underneath the Brooklyn Bridge and this green space stretches along the East River waterfront, offering areas for recreation and sports activities.