around the globe

The world is my playing field – colorful, richly patterned, with roots in many cultures. And that’s exactly what my holiday catalog aims to illuminate. When we look in depth at every culture and every continent, we find so many common elements. But the folklore tradition is almost always colorful and clear. Often with flowers and birds or symmetrical shapes in chevrons, dots and stripes. On my design team, we are also guided by textile materials and techniques. We are huge fans! Our many years together have made us unbeatably capable.

As the holidays approach, we also all look around in the world and see such loneliness, sadness and poverty. As an entrepreneur, I have many opportunities to be big and great, as they say in the fairytales. All of my employees and my customers, too, want to be part of a world that wants to be good and accessible to everyone, no matter their preconditions. 

I often think of Hans Rosling, professor and scientist, and the title of his memoir: “Hur Jag Lärde Mig Förstå Världen” (How I Learned to Understand the World). Before you is a collection, a presentation which is, for me, “how I learned to sense and understand the world”.

Happy holidays to you all!