Gudrun's CREATIVE paradise
– with plenty of growth rings

The chance to live in a beautiful house like this out in the Swedish archipelago is an unbelievable treasure. The magnificent, mirror-smooth ocean; gossamer greenery on huge deciduous trees, and billowing fields of flowers. What could possibly be better for transforming inspiration into beautiful patterns and an even more colorful collection? Yes, for many years and in every season, my sketches and watercolors have flowed forth in our lovely house, which was built over a century ago.

The sunny dining room is frequently transformed when it’s time to photograph a new homeware collection. I change out the textiles, spread a new rug on the floor, pick flowers from the meadow. And voila, the room is like new! Like here, with the “Fiesta” tablecloth in a palette of reds and pinks, and the thin, embroidered valance with fringe, which matches perfectly.

“Blomstjälk” wool rug »
Size: 55 x 84.75"

“Oas” wallpaper »
Size: 20.75 x 393.75”

Hand-painted “Calendula” mirror in wood »
Size: 14.25 x 15.7"

“Oas” kitchen towel in eco-cotton 2-pack »
Size: 17.75 x 23.5"

“Laguna” curtain in cotton »
Size: 47.25 x 90.5"

“Rosig” cotton rug »
Size: 67 x 78.75"

“Laguna” cotton valance »
Size: 19.75 x 63"

When we bought the house in 1970, the goal wasn’t a to-the-studs renovation of this historical house. We wanted to retain the room division. We wanted to keep the wallpapered walls. The old fireplaces and the tile stove would stay. All we did was open up the space between the kitchen and the little chamber in order to make the kitchen more functional based on how we live. We expanded the house with a veranda and a modern bathroom in 1993, when the island got electricity.