Thickly knitted wool, worked in a knit stitch, that is eventually felted together in warm water is a brilliant trick that has been used in many cultures. The result is a warm, water-resistant material that works in different weather conditions and temperatures.

While traveling, it’s essential to bring clothes you can wear in a wide variety of settings. Because your bag should be packed light – who wants to lug around heavy baggage?

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“While traveling, it’s essential to bring clothes you can wear in a wide variety of settings.”

Inspiration from one of my trips to berlin.
Traveling to see new countries and experience textile threads is truly my passion. Sitting in a café, watching people stream by. Observing the differences between cultures and how people dress. Seeing FASHION TRENDS is important to me, since I work on collections an entire year in advance.


I absolutely love it when FOLKLORE TRADITIONS are retained and recreated in our time. This dress has a BEAUTIFUL TULIP SHAPE and the chest panel is adorned with cross-stitch embroidered chevrons and tulips in soft colors. Our certified natural linen comes in dark natural, misty blue and ash gray. Colors inspired by NATURE. The cross-stitching is machine embroidered – and the results are so beautiful.

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“Either way, this is a typical garment that we see in pictures of artists.”


When I Google artist’s blouse, I barely get any hits at all. Is this a completely forgotten concept, or did I invent the word myself? 

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“I got the idea for our new corduroy velour in the Japanese city of Kyoto!”


VELOUR is one of my basic materials, which I had actually grown quite tired of. But you customers love it. It’s such a functional material for everyone who LOVES JERSEY and needs something warmer and thicker during the colder months of the year. We knit our velour in organic cotton with support from polyester/spandex thread. The synthetic fibers play an important role in keeping the material stable and helping it retain its shape.

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I got the idea for our new corduroy velour in THE JAPANESE CITY OF KYOTO! I just love how all these textile threads are woven like a tapestry all over the earth. They become garments that someone in an entirely different part of the world wants to buy and wear.


How I would describe my customers’ absolute favorite pants. This time, made in soft corduroy velour. Another time, knitted in lyocell/spandex. Or maybe patterned on printed jersey.

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“this striped sweater, with its knobby cotton yarn, is truly perfect” 


THE SPLIT PERSONALITY SWEATER. With twice the use. A city life and a country life. It’s certainly a combination I need in my life. Urban fashion feels so wrong out in the archipelago, strolling along beautiful forest paths. But I don’t want to fill my wardrobe with special pieces for every occasion. So this striped sweater, with its knobby cotton yarn, is truly perfect. A SWEATER TO COME HOME TO quite simply!

Stylish palettes: mild LILY PINK with unbleached, 
MISTY BLUE with variegated natural and ASH GRAY with unbleached.

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