Bright colours like

“In Miró’s garden,
I reworked cactuses into
new patterns.”

Cardigan in organic cotton
– adorned with cactuses!

– cactuses & succulents

My week of vacation on Mallorca inspired this summer’s collection. Such an amazing climate, and so much history. Many artists have also lived and worked here. The Miró museum was a striking experience for me. The unusual artist lived here in an old Spanish stone house, with a garden filled with cactuses and succulents. 

Wow, I thought – and inspiration struck. The cactus family contains so many fabulous shapes. Back in my hotel room, I created a stream of little watercolors featuring different cactuses. The room had a little table where I could sit and work. With the window open on the lane below, I heard the murmur of waves and the occasional dog barking; the café around the corner allowed owners to bring their dogs. So charming!

Join me on my travels through the Mediterranean’s artistic splashes of color. 

Warm summer greetings,