It’s incredibly clear to me that my hands, soul and heart guide my creativity. My creative process gradually leads to a few textile products and an exciting new collection. And the threads of textiles have been my medium for many years. Originally a handicraft, textiles have evolved into an industrial product. The legacy of Swedish folk culture ­continues to be my source of inspiration for new garments or the occasional home textile.


THIS HIGH SUMMER COLLECTION ORIGINATED IN A GREEN WATERCOLOR that I made for a photo shoot of the fall 2020 essentials collection. It was simply captivating, with shades of green and roses in all sorts of sizes and colors. So as soon it was time to make the next high summer collection, my gaze fell right to this big, rich watercolor, and yes – why not have one of our suppliers with their enormous digital printers turn it into a fabric and a dress for summer 2020? I just love our suppliers, who can transform a watercolor into a repeated textile pattern with such incredible ease!

Our digitally printed “Rosewood” cotton dress is like a largescale watercolor.

IN THE PAST YEAR, I’VE ALSO RETURNED TO arranging the pictures for some collections. It’s so much fun to get to be part of the process every step of the way, from idea to ­finished ­presentation in an enchanting picture for our ­customers. This time around, we went to ­Värmdö and beautiful Siggesta Farm, outside of ­Stockholm. The farm is a few centuries old, with beautiful buildings. My photography team got to stay in the “smithy,” a red-painted timber building that has been transformed into a fabulous little hotel apartment. The gray walls have been treated with iron sulfate (I think), and the decor includes rustic iron details and gray, natural linen bedding and towels. A few cactuses are arranged here and there, bringing an authentic natural touch indoors.

5.jpg“Rosanna” – flowing roses in organic cotton jersey.

We’ve brought HELLEBORE, the gorgeous ­winter rose that can hang out indoors. But it only thrives in cold outdoor climates.Instead of heading into town to find props, like bleached pictures, I grab a brush and paint the dress in a mild green, and a big white flower on a piece of plywood. Easy! We hang up a few gray pattern ideas on a line, along with some shawls and a straw hat. In this beautiful setting, it doesn’t take much effort to create an aesthetically beautiful, artistic look. Wonderful! It was a great day, and we all felt our CREATIVITY flowing.

So join us on Siggesta Farm and enjoy a lovely day with nature right around the corner. What a luxury it is for those of us on the Gudrun team to get to create these gorgeous pictures of naturally beautiful clothing. 

7.jpgSiggesta Farm on Värmdö.



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