As always, this season is split into lines of unique garments and the slightly more subdued essentials. The idea is that you and everyone else will find something perfectly suited to your tastes and personality! 

Our unique collections have it all, from digitally printed patterns to rich embroidery and expert craftsmanship. You will find simple and understated garments, as well as more sumptuous pieces. This magnificent organic clothing is inspired by history – these are garments to wear with pride, whether you’re a flashy peacock or a shy violet. 

The essentials include classic woven pieces, eco-friendly jersey and our comfy knitwear – everything you need for a complete wardrobe. Bask in natural materials like organic cotton, silk, wool and organic linen. These styles are simple and functional, but never unoriginal. That special Gudrun twist is always there, whether through unique colors, glorious patterns or unexpected details. 

All colorfully packaged, with inspiration from and care for our lovely Mother Earth.  



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