Soft stripes on linen and cotton 

A collection filled with natural materials like organic linen, cotton and wool. All finished with gorgeous stripes and breathtaking textured patterns. Choose from lots of lovely styles and colors like warm red, ink blue and natural. Classic and magically beautiful!

– magically beautiful. And we love it this way – natural, unironed, sewn in marvelous linen.
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Unlike ordinary linen, organic linen is retted outside, for example on a field. Instead of using a chemical method, the harvested fibers are left outside in damp weather to ret. Completely old-fashioned!

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on the spring coat, knit in lightly felted wool.
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My approach to form and painting: an enormous piece of watercolor paper; a few tubes of watercolor paint; some nice, stiff brushes. The brushes can’t be too soft or too stiff and synthetic. The paint must be top quality from Windsor & Newton.
Some people prefer to create using Illustrator on the computer. That’s exciting too, but in a different way. There are so many ways to express yourself visually!

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Emerald green, tomato red, ink blue & natural
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