A beautiful hand-painted wallpaper was a wonderful prop

A rustic print reminiscent of historic murals found in castles.

Take a closer look »

The embroidered linen jacket

Have a look »

Tiny roses and blooming medallions in delicate unbleached, pink and blue-turquoise pastels

1. ”Ebba” jacket »  2. ”Sofia” dress »  3. ”Sofia” pants »
4. ”Elsa” apron »
  /  ”Lina” dress »

Our most romantic princess is from Läckö Castle

Artist’s blouse and embroidered sleeveless dress in a soft cotton/linen fabric. 
Wear the blouse »   To the dress »

THE PATTERNS reflect the castle’s gorgeous interior

The beautiful murals and our lovely pink jacquard-knit “Astrid” cardigan intermingle in harmony »

Pink walls and leaded windows with colorful glass

Hints of gray, mild leaf green and blue-green artemisia sneak in here and there

Richly decorated – complete the look with our embroidered cardigan.

​Winding flowers and tiny roses –
inspiration from LÄCKÖ Castle

The little maiden

picks a warm, simple jacket with a gently curved shape »


with a vivid pattern of mini stripes and zigzags. 
To the dress »


We ask if we can use a prop from the garden, and receive a huge bundle of cardoon – a lovely alternative to a few quiet flowers from the square in town.

​Gudrun and her incredible team capture inspiration in a fairy tale castle.



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