Inspiration Hemma Grönblå

Apple green in the grove

Home textiles and ceramics in natural materials

Inspiration Hemma Grönblå

In Rosendals Garden, the apple-green textiles are almost camouflaged against the beautiful lawns and leafy canopies. The blues are intensified against the greenery of the apple groves and the blue sky.
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Dazzling “Primavera” design

Subtle block print and embroidered flowers

Flax blue and verdant green

Warm breezes
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Setting the table in the green arbour
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Colourful rugs and mats for every interior
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We’ve been making rugs and mats for several years now.
The first ones were simple striped mats made of regular cotton yarn. We then added a small embroidered detail winding its way with the stripes. Then came a small printed flower with a twining stem – after that we’ve gone from strength to strength! Our mats have become a staple feature of our Home range. They are quite unique in their kind as they’re like no other. Our mats and rugs are more like floor decorations. Richly embellished, colourful and idiosyncratic. Amazing small works of art – crafted from sumptuous natural materials.

Like tangy candy
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A beautiful doormat greets everyone who steps inside