Inspiration High Summer

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for our dandelion design.
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Cool, cotton clothes

“Maskros” woven dress in organic cotton
“Fröa” organic cotton jersey tank top

Downy clocks
The downy dandelions created by our designer Pia are simply beautiful.
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“Fields” blouse in cotton


Woven “Fields” dress in cotton

The checked dress
Crafted from a special fabric, woven on a semi-automatic loom.
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Woven “Fields” dress in cotton


“Fields” blouse in cotton

Masterful artistry
When true artistry fuses with an experimental spirit, magic is created. That’s how this check pattern came into being.


Let the dandelions burst into flower
In this collection, we pay tribute to the dandelion! The rampant weed with super powers that can turn road verges into a sea of golden sunshine.
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“Fröa” organic cotton jersey tank top

Mix and match
Woven and jersey styles for mixing and matching in all kinds of ways.
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“Fields” blouse in cotton

Three different patterns of checks in shifting nuances of colour, like fields of corn. All blended together in an experimental way.
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Black & white
- White and black

Woven “Fields” dress in cotton
“Maskros” woven dress in organic cotton

This fine white cotton dress with its black print design will definitely be tucked inside my suitcase next time I visit India. And with a charming crinkle effect – just take it out and slip it on. Easy to wash and no need to iron. Scrunch to crinkle while it’s damp.



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