Inspiration Gudrun



The Gudrun look with its plethora of colours and designs.

Patterned organic cotton clothing



Black, red and gold patterns to mix

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Lodi Gardens is a very large green space. If you’re going for a walk there, be sure to decide exactly which entrance to meet at. The park’s narrow, meandering pathways take you through lush vegetation, bamboo forests and open lawns.

We love adding pops of red to the black and white palette.

Intriguing pattern motifs featuring both geometric shapes and chirping birds.

The meandering design with its brilliant orange colour
makes a striking impression among the finely carved archways. 
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The Gudrun look


The orange colourway is ideal for a trip to vibrant India.


Indigo, lavender, cobalt are the names of some of our favourite blues.



We slipped out through a back door at Lutyens Bungalow into a quiet street with an atmosphere that was just right for our photoshoot. 

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