Global textile encounters
Gudrun’s visits to various countries are reflected in this collection with names like “Mustang”, “Katmandu” and “Himalaya”. The design style with its blocks of stripes mixed with rosebuds creates a distinct pattern. Other pieces take influences from Nepalese traditional clothing. Designs achieved through a fusion of tradition, craftsmanship and contemporary digital printing technology.

Organic cotton patterned clothing



Inspiration Stripes of Mustang

Organic/recycled cotton with colourful stripes. 


Inspiration Stripes of Mustang


Inspiration Stripes of Mustang






Namobuddha – a
temple full of life

We spot a temple with red pillars and black and white floors among the photos that Jenny, our guide, is showing us. Let’s go there! We drive along rough roads by car from Kathmandu. The Buddhist temple appears in the distance. Impressive and colourful. Large numbers of monks are wandering up the steep slopes to their temple. We enter the gallery where we get a sense of the essence of the Buddhist religion. We tiptoe up the wide staircase to a massive room where two hundred or more monks have assembled and are chanting prayers together. What a feeling!

The colourful entrance hall with its black and white floor is the perfect setting for our Stripes of Mustang collection. We try to be as unobtrusive as possible in this sacred building.




Midnight blue motifs and demure black.