Decorate with a “year-round wreath” – perfect for any season »

Fine craftsmanship! "Samode" wool rug »

Practical and beautiful “Amaryllis” apron »

Expand your imagination
and set the table with layers of textiles.

Why not invite guests to a party inspired by India or another exotic and exciting locale... We take in so many impressions on our travels. The “Samode” floral design was inspired by the dazzling “Samode Bagh” garden outside of Jaipur and the embroidered rug and seat cushion were hand-embroidered in Kashmir.

Safeguarding this knowledge and ensuring it lives on is our passion! 

Traditional papier mache holiday ornaments »

An exquisite mug is an everyday luxury in which everyone can indulge!
We’ve created one with our dazzling “Samode” floral design to gild many peaceful moments to come.

Sit pretty on a hand-embroidered seat cushion. 
It’s a breeze to place right on the floor or on a stool.

Place the table runner length-wise, width-wise or diagonally.
Nothing’s off limits when it’s time to deck the halls!

Unparalleled craftsmanship
Skilled craftspeople create true works of art. Each product is unique, and safeguarding craftsmanship is our passion.

Long live craftsmanship!

Set a holiday table