1 blouse – 3 colors – 3 patterns
The pattern on the “Soho” blouse is block-printed by skilled craftspeople in Jaipur. Each colorway has its own unique pattern.

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“Printing with blocks is an old technique
that must never disappear.”

The “Soho” dress and blouse feature genuine block-printed patterns created by skilled craftspeople in India. By continuing to use a technique that is thousands of years old, we are honoring a handicraft that could otherwise easily be forgotten.

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Drawing out the beauty of old techniques like block printing is my passion. The results are absolutely lovely, with subtle irregularities in both color and pattern. No two dresses are alike – such a delight in an age when everything is mass produced in large quantities. And if the dress is also dyed using real indigo in an indigo vat somewhere in the Rajasthan countryside, then my happiness is complete.