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What could be lovelier than these big roses, printed on our yard goods in lightweight linen? You could make a dress, a skirt, a big floppy sun hat – even a wedding dress or suit! Buy a few yards and let your imagination run wild!

Read on to learn how Cecilia Wallman made a couple of quick pieces for the photo shoot.

Sew-a-wardrobe2 .jpgTHE LONG, WIDE SKIRT
– super simple

It’s just two rectangular fabric pieces: the skirt and the waistband.

1. Measure the waistband to match your own waist measurement + 2 inches (for the overlapping closure) + 1 inch seam allowance (0.5 inches per side). Vertically, measure twice the height you want for your waistband + 1 inch seam allowance. The skirt can be as long or short as you want, and as full as your heart (or wallet) desires. We recommend at least doubling the waist measurement, so that it isn’t too close fitting. The wider you make the skirt, the fuller it will be, and the more gathers it will have at the waist. Make the length whatever you like + about 4 inches for the hem. A wide hem looks nice, and gives the skirt a bit of weight!

2. Start by folding the waistband lengthwise. Sew up the short ends, and 2 inches of the long side. Trim the seam allowance and sew a zigzag stitch. 
The waistband will be at your waist when the skirt is done. The skirt will be sewn to the seam allowance along the entire waistband, except the inverted overlapping flap closure

3. Tack the top edge of the skirt by hand and pull it into gathers, to the same measurement as your waist. 
Distribute the gathers as you like, keeping them even, and place along the waistband. Pin the waistband to the right side of the gathered skirt and sew a straight stitch. Let 0.5 inch of seam allowance from the edge of the skirt overlap the inverted flap closure at the waist. You’ll be pressing that 0.5 inch edge inwards at the opening that lets you slip the skirt over your hips.

4. Pin together and machine stitch the back seam, leaving a 15 cm opening at the top.
Press the seam and seam allowance inwards at the opening. Secure the pressed seam allowance in the opening with a straight stitch or tiny hand-stitching from the inside if you want it to be invisible.

5. Choose your closure: hook and eye, hooks or snaps.

6. Turn up the hem by ironing and pinning it, and then either blind stitch by hand or machine, or just use an ordinary straight stitch.


Sew-a-wardrobe3 .jpgFabulous summer sun hat

1. You need two pattern pieces: one for the brim and one for the crown.

2. Double the fabric for the brim of the hat, 4 pieces.

3. The crown, 6 pieces.

4. Start by drawing the pieces, remembering to include a seam allowance on all sides. Cut out and pin the pieces together. Tack the crown pieces together, then try it on and adjust to fit your head. Sew together with a machine. Zigzag all edges inside the crown and around the bottom edge.

5. Make the brim as wide as you like. Stitch together, iron apart, and turn it inside out. Pin the brim to the crown and sew them together. Stitching additional seams around the brim will add more stability.

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WHY NOT SEW - a skirt, a sunhat or some nice, big cushions?
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