Block-printed summer flowers

 Breezy clothes in organic cotton

Pair dusky pink with red curry.

Block print is a heritage craft dating back thousands of years. The design is carved by hand on each wooden block. A skilled hand then dips the block into a dye and presses it on the fabric.

Our designer Parvathy created these block-print patterned trousers, here in a fresh basil colour, after walking from the dazzling display of flowers in her mother’s garden to the bustling local market where all kinds of bright green herbs are sold.



Designs from the garden of memories





Spice green

Inspiration Chennai

Striking designs and contrasting details

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Summer voile


“Every summer I go home to Chennai and relax in the shade on my mother’s veranda, gazing out over the colourful display of beautiful flowers. While sipping on chilled coconut water, I let my fingers move smoothly across the pages of my sketch pad, dreaming up new designs and patterns.”

Parvathy tells us this is how she created the collection.