Block printing

Drawing out the beauty of an old technique like block printing is one of our great passions. The subtle differences in color and pattern are so incredibly beautiful. No two garments are alike – which is such a pleasure in an age when everything is mass produced. By continuing to use a technique that is thousands of years old, we pay tribute to craftsmanship that could otherwise easily be forgotten. In Jaipur, India, the craft of block printing has been developed by incredibly skilled artisans who possess a knowledge that is deeply rooted in tradition and cultural history. This is where our block-printed products are made.
To create the breathtaking pattern, the artisan cuts, whittles and carves a pattern into a wood block. It is then dipped in dye paste and printed onto fabric, which is soon transformed into a palette of patterns, outlines and colors. Skilled block printers can print meter after meter without making a single mistake. And each print is personal and unique.




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Price: US$ 98.00
Price: US$ 98.00
Price: US$ 98.00
Price: US$ 98.00
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