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Flowers are a major source of inspiration for our designers. We love wild meandering blossoms and fabulous, bountiful bouquets of cut flowers. Pick your favorites and bloom in style, for casual and special occasions! 

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Many of Gudrun Sjödén’s clothes are inspired by nature, and flowers hold a special place in our hearts. Roses, tulips and sunflowers are just a few examples of flowers we’ve incorporated into our patterns. The result is a gorgeous collection of pieces with everything from floral dresses and flowery sweaters to blossoming accessories like shoes, bags and shawls.

In our broad selection of floral clothing, you’ll find the perfect pieces for daily wear and for parties. Maybe you’re looking for a floral summer party dress? Summer celebrations are the perfect occasions for blossoming patterns! Or why not dress up a pair of solid-colored pants with a floral sweater in cheerful colors? It’s a wonderful way to brighten the day for you and everyone you see. When sunshine, foliage and heat are right outside the door, most of us are ready to wear summer dresses. You’ll find lots of styles here, both for hot summer days and cool summer evenings.

If you want to start slowly, our floral accessories are the perfect place to begin! They’ll put the cherry on top of your outfit without making too much of a statement. Plus – a more understated look is immediately more interesting with a cheerful shawl or bag with a blossoming pattern.