Jacquard is a technique used in weaving and knitting. We usually use it as a knitting technique. The jacquard technique makes it possible to produce intricate patterns with a variety of effects. You can have loosely hanging threads on the back, but we usually choose to secure them in different ways. One of our favorites is double-sided jacquard. It is made in a double layer and has an effect in which the colors on the front and back are reversed. If the pattern has several colors, the back becomes striped or spotted, similar to a halftone image. We have occasionally been inspired by this and incorporated it as a fun effect in the pattern on the front. Punch cards used to be used with the machines, but now everything is done digitally. The first jacquard loom was invented already in the 1800s by a clever Frenchman who was named, of course, Jacquard.

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