Women's Knitwear

Are you also always on the hunt for the perfect knit cardigan or sweater? The one that fits like a glove, warms your shoulders like a dream, and is made in organic and sustainable materials? Then Gudrun’s knit garments are must-haves. Enjoy jacquard-knit cardigans, textured knit sweaters and relief-knit pieces. The occasional knit dress also pops up now and then. Gudrun’s knitwear is colorful and patterned, and often serves a double purpose: you can wear these pieces as outerwear in early summer and under your coat in fall. Whether you choose a long cardigan, wool cardigan, short cardigan or a simple sweater, you can trust that Gudrun’s knitwear will stand up to wear. These are sure to be favorite cardigans for years to come.

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