Eco-friendly organic cotton

Organic cotton is soft and lovely – and great for the environment! These pieces are made in a durable material without compromising on comfort. Choose from garments and interior decor in soft organic cotton – everything from our classic essential striped sweater to exciting new styles that last and last. 

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What are the properties of organic cotton? Organic cotton is a natural, breathable material that absorbs moisture, making it a lovely material to have against your skin. It’s also a durable material that lasts a long time, and that never goes out of style.

Organic cotton is always a good choice, because it is grown without chemical pesticides or artificial fertilizers. That protects the soil where the cotton plant grows, and ultimately the community and drinking water. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why clothes in organic cotton are also better for the environment.

Our big selection of organic pieces includes most garment styles and lots of lovely home textiles. Maybe you’re looking for an organic cotton top or sweater? Our classic essential striped sweater is a regular favorite in our collections. Check out our approach to layering and wear it as a base layer, for guaranteed comfort all day. Our pants in organic cotton are great for a workout and for your daily adventure. We also have lots of lovely dresses in organic cotton that you can dress up or down to suit your mood and the occasion. Our home textiles in organic cotton range from beautiful tablecloths and curtains to practical place mats. Choose your favorite and enjoy for years to come!